As part of its Modern Czech Classics series, the Karolinum Press has just published a collection of poems by Bohuslav Reynek in English translation. The poet died in 1971 at the age of 79, having spent nearly all his life in the depths of the Czech countryside, but it is only in recent years that he has been rediscovered by a wider readership. For decades, he was derided or at best ignored by the communist regime, not least because of the deeply spiritual quality of his work. Today Reynek is acclaimed not just for his poetry, but also as a visual artist, and the new book, called The Well at Morning, also reproduces some of his etchings, which balance bold expressiveness with delicacy. Like his poems, they reflect a Catholic spirituality that is grounded in the soil of rural Bohemia. David Vaughan met Justin Quinn, who translated the collection.


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